Financial Services:

Our Mission:

To provide financial services, and financial valuations to clients around the world that need high quality, personalized services with the highest standards and best results.

Our Vision:

Be the best in the financial services industry.

We perform Financial Valuations and Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory Services.

Ms. Cesar was awarded the top 40 under 40 best financial valuators distinction in NACVA (National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts) in 2014.

We have performed financial valuations and have led and closed transactions of purchase and sale of companies, and Mergers and Acquisitions in different industries for the past twenty two years: Education, Gas Stations, Department Stores, Soccer Rights, TV, Universities, Schools, Hose Distributors, Phamacies, Drug Stores, Supermarkets, Banks, Financial Companies, Insurance Companies, Milk Producers and Distributors, Electricity Distributors, Gas Companies, etc with excellency, and amazing results for our clients.

The transactions have been between companies located in the United States, countries in Europe and Latin America.

 Key factors when valuing your business for the purposes of selling it:

To be able to sell well your business, you need to know exactly how much your business is worth. Each business is unique. Some businesses have many years operating, others have just started. Some businesses have the highest value in an intangible such as a right of use, a license, a brand, a secret recipe, others derive their highest value in their amount of clients, demand of services, etc. You need to hire the best valuator to give the proper value to your business. That is where INNOVAFIN comes to your help. An expert in valuations and negotiations for the purchase and sale of businesses, with the CVA (Certified Valuation Advisor) license for more than 20 years valuing tangibles and intangibles, companies across the world, in the different industries, we will prepare a solid, professional, in depth valuation with all the support and credentials, and the trust from yourself and your buyers.

Once you have a solid valuation in place that makes justice to your business, you need to have the best advisor that will help you make the valuation a reality. This is done through a proper screening and contacting of buyers, a smooth negotiation process with different buyers with confidentiality and expertise, and a closing of a transaction that will give you the results you want. INNOVAFIN does all that for you, so that you can continue taking care of your business and your life.

 Benefits of a great valuation:

  1. It measures the correct value for your company. If you hire someone that does not know how to properly do it, you might miss a lot of money selling it at a lower price than it should be.
  2. It gives you immediate return on your investment. A valuation done by INNOVAFIN will tell you which areas you can adjust, which areas give the most value to your company, from the recommendations coming from the valuation, you can increase your revenues and decrease your expenses and make strategic decisions.

Return on investment of a correct valuation when selling your business:

We have achieved a 300% improvement in the price obtained for our clients after we do a valuation. That might sometimes mean $20 million dollars more in the value of the business, sometimes $5 million dollars more, it depends on the business. 

Return on investment of a correct valuation for everyday continuing of business:

We have obtained more than 1500% return on investment of the valuation based on inmediate improvements in the companies. 

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